Greenwoods South, Dumoclay, Batangas City


“Know the richness of life in a community you call home.”


Open up to the vast opportunities in promising Batangas City and be at the threshold of change.


Batangas, a place used to be known only for its rich coffee blend has now evolved into an enterprising city with endless possibilities. And within this city of promise is Greenwoods South. An exclusive residential community built in anticipation for the region's economic surge, raising opportunities not just on the commercial level but on the residential plans as well.


Be in the center of progress. Now made more accessible via land route through the Lipa-Batangas Highway, via sea through the international container port in the city proper and via air through the proposed commercial airport. This and the commercial fever that envelopes the city gives you the freedom to establish your own business or simply enjoy the bounty that development brings.


Commercial lots along the main access road are envisioned to provide shops and service outlets to Greenwoods South residents and those in nearby communities.