Rizal Technopark 2000 Prime Residential and Commercial Estates, Taytay, Rizal


"Bringing you closer to the future."


In the rising hub popularly known as "Manila East" now stands a new project that will soon be a land of opportunities for many and a refuge for its privileged dwellers.


Rizal Technopark 2000 incorporates a contemporary residential village with environmental-friendly industrial community where opportunities abound. Complete with social, recreational, and functional residential features, Rizal Technopark 2000 promises to be a haven for its residents.


As part of the country's most promising bastion of economic growth, Rizal Technopark 2000 is a strategic investment for astute entrepreneurs. With wide concrete roads, electrical, water and sewerage systems, Rizal Technopark's commercial section provides utmost convenience to ensure smooth business activities in the area. Practically accessible to most of Rizal's population, this project will be your competitive edge to help give your business suitable growth.